LigniKon Large

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Konstrukcija drvenog krovišta i jednostavnijih konstrukcija iz drvenih elemenata.

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LigniKon Large je program za konstrukcije drvenog krovišta i jednostavnijih konstrukcija iz drvenih elemenata (kućice, nadstrešnice,…). Dodatna funkcionalnost: unos proizvoljnih drvenih greda, proširena funkcionalnost spajanja greda, masivni zid. Engleski ili njemački jezik.

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LIGNIKON LARGE – 3D-CAD software for structural design and joinery

Simple & flexible
Joinery in record time: Generate roof trusses easily and quickly thanks to the inte-grated assistant for profile input and roof centring as well as for dormer windows, skylights and chimneys with automatic change function. In the three-dimensional preview you can visually track each adaptation in the roof input without time delay. Flexibility & great ease of use: Select the option “Combine roof areas” and realize your roof centring for complex ground plans.


Construction & wood processing in 3D
Welcome to the world of 3D construction: Learn how to create braces, inclined flying rafters and coupling purlins with LigniKonLarge within seconds. The random positioning of wooden components, whether free, parallel, right-angles or angular, thus enables you to instantly generate pergolas, carports and other wooden constructions. Realize rafter and beam positions with fixed or variable axis measurements directly in 3D and benefit from the component intersections and connections such as corner scarfing, longitudinal scarfing, lap joints and birdsmouth joints. Make additional use of the numerous steel profiles in the library.


2D drawings & timber lists
Everything needed for production: By simply pressing a button, draw up the timber and rafter lists and benefit from the comprehensive functionalities such as filtering according to component types, own definition of the list sorting order and manual reworking options. By means of the mass interface to the calculation software VisKalk you can directly use the determined masses for quoting and invoicing. All 2D plans required for joinery, such as individual wood, plan view and profile drawings are created with automatic dimensioning and lettering; free dimensioning functions are also available.
Convince your customer with the direct JPG or PDF printout of the created, photorealistic 3D projects.


Ease of use & future reliability
Experience top-class ease of use – LigniKonLarge makes it possible: Thanks to its clearly structured interface, which reflects the classical design of wooden constructions, clear dialogues, intuitive operation and many practically oriented functions, you can work at the speed of lightning. Function favorites, material pre-settings, the integrated 3D axis coordinates and a comprehensive mouse assignment are only a few of the many extras of LigniKonLarge.
LigniKonLarge guarantees highest future reliability and operability on current operating systems such as Windows® 7, for example.


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