FAQ – General

Q: What’s the quickest way to update the script?
A: Render>Exporter panel> Update Exporter button

Q: I want to render a channel with one selected object?
A: Go to: Render>Channels> add an ObjectSelect channel and type the correct ID in the field below

Q: I have a few objects i want to render out separately, but each element has to have the light interactions with the other elements intact, although the other elements would have to be excluded from the final image.
A: Select the Camera and go to it’s settings tab,check Hide Objects, then choose from camera

Q: How to quickly render the whole scene with one material
A: Render> Globals tab> Material Override – enable the checkbox and pick a material

Q: Where is the meshlight?
A: Select the object you want to be a light and go to Object tab>Light

Q: How to make an object that is visible in reflections but is invisible to the camera?
A: This can be done by setting up the material. Select the object and in the material settings go to the render tab. Disable the Visible to camera check box but leave Visible to reflection and Visible to refraction check boxes enabled.

Q: How to make a point light to have a smooth transition between light and dark areas?
A: Just set the sphere segments to 0.

Q: Where is the Number of passes option in the Light Cache?
A: To set it manually disable the Autonum passes checkbox

Q: Can I exclude more than one object – I don’t see any button to add another one?
A: You can add object names separated by ‘;’ (look at tool tip); you can also add groups separated by ‘;’

Q:How to exclude an object or a material from generating and/or receiving caustics?
A: Use the Wrapper Panel (in materials and objects).

FAQ – Errors

Q: When using V-Ray for Blender with V-Ray for Maya demo nothing is rendered out when I hit render.
A: Check the resolution – the demo version has limitation to maximum resolution of 600×450.

Q: After applying a VRayMtl to an object it is rendered black.
A: If you have “black” objects on render and errors like:

warning: Failed to create object of type “BRDFVRayMtl”


warning: Failed to create object of type “BRDFCarPaint”


warning: [MtlSingleBRDF] No BSDF parameter specified

this means that you are using an old V-Ray version. Update your V-Ray or use a Layered material.

Q: I have downloaded examples from the site, but when I run render I only see the lights and I get no errors but 13 warnings
A: If You see just lights and the render is completely dark/without any geometry hit “Export Meshes” before You hit “Render”.

Q: I can’t find the scripts folder on OS X
A: It is hidden inside blender.app, just right click and choose “Show content”, then navigate to MacOS/X.XX/scripts/startup/vb25

Q: V-Ray renders broken .png images
A: Leave the image compression to the default value of 90%

Q: There is no V-Ray window on Mac OS X
A: There is an issue with the 64 bit version of V-Ray Standalone on Max OS X – it doesn’t have GUI; use the 32 bit version to have V-Ray Framebuffer window. You could also observe the rendering process by staring Blender from Terminal. Also enable Output panel and enable “Image to Blender” – this will load rendered image back to Blender in render end.

Q: The image is not rendered properly when using Irradiance Map and Distributed Rendering
A: Make sure you have saved the Irradiance Map file(s) (.vrmap) in a shared folder. You can use the network path when configuring where to save/load the file(s). Other computers on the network need access to them in order to render the images properly.